tony lechner


code. games. books. post-rock.

Hey, I’m Tony

I’m a software guy in the Milwaukee area. I’m a huge fan of coffee, puns, jazz bars, and a good Old Fashioned.

I love what I do

I am a polyglot, full-stack engineer; I don’t classify myself as a language- or stack-layer- developer. My experience spans across many languages, frameworks, environments, and paradigms; from low-level systems programming to the mobile and web front-end.

My team and I created Mitel’s communications platform as a service. Today, we’re hard at work prototyping the next generation of communications technology.

Contact me

Email is best.

If you’re especially cool and into encryption, you can pull my PGP key from most public key servers with this: gpg --recv-keys 0x6AE52917CC2F0447